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Lawn Maintenance and Grounds Keeping

Terra Firma provides for a complete twelve month landscaping maintenance program that enhances the appearance of your yard through consistent trimming, mowing, and fertilizing. All Mid-Cities lawn maintenance programs are created to ensure that your lawn is cared for year round.

All crew employees are uniformed and clean cut. Terra Firma landscapers are expertly trained. We only use professional equipment and our trucks are marked, so that you always know precisely who is on your property.

Quality control will be performed on each visit by our maintenance supervisor; He is specifically entrusted with the mission of ensuring quality work, adhering to approved fertilizing schedules, and developing a stronger relationship with you, the customer. A door knocker will be left each time Terra Firma works on your property, and it will provide the details of our visit.

All hard surfaces are always blown off and back patios are always washed clean. To learn more about the equipment and products we use, please visit the following links.

Lawn Maintenance Details

The following is a comprehensive explanation of how the DFW landscape maintenance program breaks down.
DFW Mowing Image
MOWING All lawn areas at designated entrances and all common areas will be mowed during the maintenance season. Mowing will include edging all curbs, roadways, sidewalks, trimming grass around fences, trees and flower beds.

SHRUB AND TREE TRIMMING Shrubs, hedges, and all ground cover will be trimmed according to recommended horticultural practices to maintain a clean attractive appearance. Trees up to eight feet tall will be pruned.

BED AND WEED CONTROL Weeds and grasses will be cleared and removed from flowerbeds by hand. Treatments will be applied to driveways, pool areas and sidewalks/walkways.

DFW Lawn Fertilizing FERTILIZING Will be done by a certified professional. Granule fertilizers will be applied throughout the year to maintain a lush and healthy green turf , as well as healthy trees and bushes. We keep a strict schedule and use only the best products. Here is what the schedule looks like with the two most common grasses in North Texas: Bermuda
grass and Saint Augustine

January February – Pre emergent
March – Weed and Feed
April- Pre emergent and Weed and Feed
May- Turf Builder
June- Turf Builder
July-Turf Builder
August – Turf Builder
September – Weed and Feed (Rye Grass Over seeding is an extra)
October – Fall and Winter Fertilizer (Rye Grass Over seeding is an extra)
November – Fall and Winter Fertilizer
December- Fall and Winter Fertilizer

Trees, shrubs, and ornamental will be fertilized throughout the year to promote blooms and flower growth. A pre-emergent will also be applied in the spring and fall months.

How these lawn and garden applications are defined

Pre-Emergent: Helps prevent crabgrass, grassy weeds and broadleaf weeds. It is also applied in the fall to control annual broadleaf weeds.

Weed and Feed: An application for Bermuda grass is used in the Spring and Fall to control dandelions and over 250 other broadleaf weeds. An application for Saint Augustine grasses is applied in the Spring and Fall to improve color, and also provides post-emergent control of dollar weed and other broadleaf weeds.

Turf Builders: Slow release formula feeds your turf for up to 16 weeks, improves drought tolerance as well as insect and disease resistance. Includes iron and other nutrients for improved health and vigor.

Fall and Winter Fertilizer: Applied in the Fall to prepare turf for cooler temperatures. The slow release maintains color and growth in the winter season.

Ornamental, Plants and Shrub Fertilizer: This slow release feeds plants up to 12 weeks and helps to encourage blooms and flower growth.

To find out more about the products we use when fertilizing click on this link
DFW Color Change Image
ADDITIONAL TREE WORK - All crape myrtles will be trimmed in the wintertime according to recommended horticultural practices.
DFW Lawn and Bed Mulching Picture
MULCH- Fresh mulch will be distributed annually in common area flowerbeds at an additional cost. Cypress Mulch, Hardwood Mulch, and Cedar Mulch are just a few of the choices we provide. To find out more about the products we use, visit this link:
DFW Lawn Leaf Removal Services
LEAF REMOVAL- Leaves will be removed throughout the winter months to keep a clean and attractive appearance.


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